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Aquaas by DragonNightArt Aquaas by DragonNightArt

I love my glowy-dragon-arthropod-spaceship-thingy. He's cute. (And fun to texture)

Critique and Questions are loved as always!

Random info dump:

Approx. 24ft (7.3m) measuring to the top of its head (which is not even close to the scale I drew his head in the last picture. Whoops.) It’s also quite fast and can compress space-time for FTL jumps.

It’s made of a mysterious material, seemingly organic and as strong as carbon fiber. Composed of a completely hollow shell, usually filled with water that it uses as magical fuel. Pure water isn’t quite enough to sustain it, so it also gets occasional boosts of magic from Sangr’s treasure.

The bubble on it’s back contains an Aether field. “Aether” is the magical term for life support, it includes breathable atmosphere and artificial gravity, basically like carrying around a tiny bubble of earth’s surface. Those rib spines are flexible, they can either support the Aether bubble or bend down for a boarding ramp.

Aquaas likes to pretend that it’s an inanimate object, but it has the intelligence of a child and the personality of an especially loyal dog. It usually only acknowledges it’s master, Sangr (though you can convince it to work for you temporarily if you say you’re helping San). Aquaas frequently gets in the way of missions by trying to rescue San, and impedes his relationship with Sylphora whenever it feels it’s not loved enough (often). It will occasionally speak using trills, clicks, and squeaks made by scraping its shell.

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December 7, 2016
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